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Part 12: Inside A Psycho's Mind by firefightandothers Part 12: Inside A Psycho's Mind by firefightandothers
Micheal: Where am I now? All right, last thing that happened was... Oh, don't tell me...

???: *Her voice sounds from all around* Hmm. This is good. This way we can always be together.

Micheal: Oh, crap. *Tries to leave her body, but fails* Wow. I spent so much time practising possessing people, only to come across a situation where I can't stop possessing someone.

???: But why would you want to do that? This way we can be together forever.

Micheal: But... you can't do anything with me, save for talk like this.

???: That's enough for me. You would run away otherwise, anyway.

Micheal: Fair enough, but I'm not gonna be happy like this.

???: You're... You're not?

Micheal: I won't. I'll be angry with you for the rest of your life.

???: What? No!

Micheal: I know a way we can both get something we want, though. You get to stay with me, and I get to continue what I want to do.

???: Please don't say...

Micheal: Yes, I will. You join my team or I'll stay angry at you.

???: But... I won't get you for myself.

Micheal: No, you won't. But it'll be better than this. Better for me, certainly. Don't you want me to be happy.

???: I... I don't want you to leave me.

Micheal: I won't. Not if you're on my team.

???: Then... I'll do that.

Micheal: Alright. *Leaves her* But if I find you harmed any other mini on the team, the deal is off.

???: Anything for my love.

Micheal: So then, what's your name?

???: It's Yuno.

Micheal: Alright, Yuno. Let's return home so we can introduce you.
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October 21, 2014
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